Bring Me the Bore Worms

Paul Beech + Andy Burrell + Tom Cooper
Rory Cullen + Kelly Dorset + Kate Lynn
Paul Harrap + Phil Hyde + Karellen
Tony Kennick + Kate Rennie

Boreworms is a collective enterprise by a group of friends to free us from the reliance on work or university to provide us with an internet presence, and to escape the intrusive advertising and fundamental naffness implicit in using a free provider.
Mail us for more _info_ at _boreworms.com_
The views expressed in this website are not necessarily those of the government or priesthood of the Kingdom of Arboria or any other executive agency of the eternal invincible empire of Ming The Merciless and the Planet Mongo. Hail Ming!
This is a non-commercial site and is not intended to promote the sale or use of Bore Worms. However, if that is what you are interested in you will be pleased to know that we have provided just such a service for our visitors.
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