you, an interrogation and bore worms


You're a reasonable guy. You've been using the whip and the lie detector for a while now and the prisoner is close to confession. You don't like doing it at all. But you're under pressure from the Emperor and need that confession fast. "Stop at Nothing!" he commands.

At BOREWORMS.COM we understand.

  • Really hurts
  • No unsightly scarring
  • Single Bore Worm for as little as $199
  • Ten Bore Worms $999
  • Rental terms available
Klytus "In our business we need a tool that can bring a tear to anyone's eye, even a Princess of the Blood. The secret police force of Mongo has been relying on the persuasive powers of BORE WORMS for many years now, and we are very impressed with the quality of the product and after-sales service provided to us by BOREWORMS.COM. I would not hesitate to recommend BORE WORMS to facist regimes all over the galaxy."
- Klytus, Director. Mongo secret police

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